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Sump Pump Installation & Repair, Ejector Pumps

If you live in a home with a basement, a sump pump is a necessity to ensure that your basement stays dry and healthy.
At Windy City Rooter, we spent the better part of two decades keeping basements from Chicago to Milwaukee dry and protected with proper sump pump installation and repair. We have 12,000+ satisfied customers and 20,000+ successful jobs to assure you that Windy City Rooter is the right choice for your sump pump needs – or any plumbing issue that may arise.

Do I Need A Sump Pump?

Does your home have a basement or a crawlspace? If you do, then you need a sump pump. A sump pump is designed to take the water that surrounds your foundation and pump it away from your home before it can seep in. A sump pump, in conjunction with a proper basement waterproofing, is a one-two punch that will keep your home healthy and dry.

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Repair Or Maintenance

We like to think that if we address a problem then that solution is permanent. Unfortunately, mechanical solutions have a limited lifespan and sump pumps are no different. Most sump pumps come with a 3 year warranty and some even less.
Some signs your sump pump is failing are:
  • Strange noises from the pump.
  • Irregular cycling of the sump pump.
  • Failure of the sump pump to activate.
At Windy City Rooter, we recommend that you call us annually to come out and perform preventative maintenance on your sump pump.

Sump Pump Installation

Often the signs of failure mean that your sump pump is beyond mere maintenance and/or repair and needs to be replaced. At Windy City Rooter, we can recommend the best solution for your specific needs and budget, and get it installed the same day.
We specialize in working with a variety of sump pump types, including pedestal pumps, which are ideal for narrow basins, and submersible pumps, which are suitable for larger basins. We also offer battery backup systems to ensure continued function in the event of a power outage.

Ejector Pump Installation & Repair

Ejector pumps are typically used in properties with a basement bathroom or laundry room that is located below the main sewer line. These pumps are also known as sewage ejector pumps, toilet ejector pumps, or effluent pumps. This is a great time to inspect things while here, determining the need, if any, for a sewer line repair or replacement
Signs that you may need an ejector pump include slow or clogged drains, sewage backups, or foul odors. Our team can assess your needs and recommend the best ejector pump solution for your property.
Like sump pumps, ejector pumps require regular maintenance to ensure optimal function. Signs that your ejector pump may need repair include strange noises, backups, or slow drainage. If you notice any of these issues, contact our team for prompt and effective repair services.

Booster Pump Installation & Repair

Booster pumps are typically used to increase water pressure in properties with low water pressure or multiple stories. They are also known as water booster pumps, water pressure boosters, and water pressure pumps.
Signs that your booster pump may need repair include strange noises, fluctuations in water pressure, or leaks. If you notice any of these issues, contact our team for prompt and effective repair services.
Our team has experience working with various booster pump types, including vertical and horizontal pumps, multi-stage pumps, and split case and submersible pumps. We can recommend the best solution for your specific needs and budget. We service booster pumps for both residential and commercial properties.

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If you need trusted and experienced sump pump or other pump or plumbing services in Chicago, IL or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact Windy City Rooter today. We have 24 hour plumbers licensed for any job to provide the services you need to keep your property safe, dry, and protected. Browse our other service areas as well and don’t forget to check out what your neighbors are saying on our Google reviews!

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