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A No Obligation, Free Estimate

You will receive upfront pricing before any work is completed. We charge by the job, not by the hour and that saves you money!

No Extra Charge: Nights, Weekends, & Holidays

Plumbing & sewer issues don’t just happen 9 to 5 so you shouldn’t have to pay extra when they don’t. And never a trip charge!

On-Call 24/7 Emergency Service

When an emergency happens, day or night, our office staff is there to take your call and immediately dispatch a technician to you.
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Your Best Choice for All Your Chicago Plumbing and Sewer Needs

When you call Windy City Rooter, you get a plumbing team that has the experience to solve
your toughest plumbing and sewer problems. You get a free estimate, with no
obligation on your part. You get fair and transparent pricing, with no extra charge
for nights, weekends, or holidays. And you get the job done right!
Our local office staff is always on call to immediately dispatch you help.
Small leaks to a complete repipe, we do it all and we do it well.
Clog or backup? We solve the toughest sewer and drain problems.
Installation, maintenance, & repair for gas, electric, tankless and more.
Installation, maintenance, & repair for sump, ejector, and well pumps.
Wet, leaky basement? Let us fix that and give you a dry, healthy home.

More Detailed Plumbing Services

At Windy City Rooter, plumbing is in our blood! Day or night, rain or shine, we’re your 24-hour plumbing solution tackling everything the Midwest can throw at us. From those surprise midnight leaks to routine maintenance, we’ve got your back. Need your drains cleaned or a quick peek with our sewer camera? Consider it done. Water heaters giving you the cold shoulder? We’ll install or replace them with pinpoint accuracy. From sump pump servicing, thorough pipe replacements, to ensuring your basement stays bone dry, we do it all! With service areas spanning across two great states, Illinois and Wisconsin, our team at Windy City Rooter stands tall, proud of our unmatched plumbing services and unwavering dedication.

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We Serve Chicago to Milwaukee

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With nearly two decades of servicing over 12,000 customers in Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin, we’ve probably done work in your neighborhood. Click on the map to see what Windy City Rooter has done in your town. And then give us a call, so we can be your trusted, local plumbing & sewer experts.

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Why Choose Windy City Rooter

It’s hard to know who you can trust when it comes to servicing your home. So we’d like to make that decision a litle easier when it comes to your plumbing & sewer needs.
We’re the company that always offers a free estimate with no obligation on your part. If you like the esimate, we’ll do the work. If not, no problem.
We’re the company that offers the same price regardless if it’s a night, weekend, or holiday. You shouldn’t have to pay an extra charge (or trip charge!) because it’s outside of “office hours”.
And we’re the company with our actual office staff manning the phones 24/7 to immediately dispatch help for your emergency plumbing & sewer needs.
Add in a track record 12,000+ satisfied customers and 20,000+ successful jobs, and we think we’re the company that you decide to trust.
Choose Windy City Rooter, your trusted, local plumbing & sewer experts.

We'll get the job done efficiently & expertly.

At Windy City Rooter we pride ourselves on being efficient and providing expert care every step of the way.
Whether it is a simple plumbing problem or an extensive sewer repair, we have a process that delivers results for you.
Call Us Anytime.
Our office staff is available 24/7 to take your call.
We Arrive Soon.
We offer same day scheduling and emergency response.
Get An Estimate.
Always a no obligation, free estimate with upfront pricing.
Your problem fixed!
Same day solutions or priority scheduling for extensive repairs.
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Let your friends & family know you made the right choice.
Max Davenport,
Owner, Windy City Rooter

Trust My Team To Get It Right

I’m Max Davenport, the “Working Owner” of Windy City Rooter. That means I put my four decades of experience in the plumbing & sewer industry to work every day out in the field running calls and supervising extensive dig jobs. And I’ve trained my team to provide first class service the Windy City Rooter way
So call Max and the team at Windy City Rooter when you want it done right. And remember…
We Drain Your Pipes, Not Your Wallet!®

Money Tight? No Problem! We Have Financing Available

We offer convenient financing options through Service Finance Company LLC