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A plumbing emergency or an immediate sewer line replacement can happen at the most inconvenient times, but our team at Windy City Rooter is here to solve your emergency whenever it occurs.
We have been dealing with plumbing and sewer emergencies from Chicago to Milwaukee for nearly two decades and have 12,000+ satisfied customers and 20,000+ successful jobs that qualifies us to handle your emergency.
When you call Windy City Rooter, no matter the time of the day, you’ll speak with one of our actual office staff, no call center or answering service. That means you’re speaking with one of our knowledgeable staff members who can quickly get help dispatched to you.
And a plumbing emergency shouldn’t mean emergency prices. At Windy City Rooter, we charge the same price regardless if it is an emergency or not. The same price if it is during normal business hours or if it is a night, weekend, or holiday call. Your emergency shouldn’t be a profit opportunity, and at Windy City Rooter, it never is.

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

Some common plumbing emergency scenarios include:
  • Burst Pipe: a burst pipe is a true emergency and must be dealt with quickly or it can cause significant damage to your home.
  • Major Water Leak: like a burst pipe, a main water leak can cause serious damage. Symptoms include low water pressure, puddles of water in the home, and/or hissing from pipes.
  • No Hot Water: One of the most common plumbing emergencies is a broken hot water heater. Heated water might be thought of as a luxury but it is a necessity in today’s world.

What Is A Sewer Emergency?

Some common sewer emergency scenarios include:
  • Clogged Toilet: this might just be a minor issue but when a toilet clogs repeatedly, you might have a serious mainline sewer problem and are at risk of a sewage backup into your home.
  • Foul Odor: one of the earliest signs of a sewer emergency is a foul odor. A properly functioning sewer should not smell bad. If the odor persists, you may have a sewer emergency.
  • Sewage Coming Up From Drains: sewage should never come up from a drain. Raw sewage is a serious health risk for you, your family, and your home and needs immediate drain cleaning.

What Is A Gas Line Emergency?

A natural gas leak is a serious emergency, and should you suspect a natural gas leak, you should leave your residence and call your gas company immediately prior to calling Windy City Rooter.
Some common signs of a gas line emergency include:
  • Rotten Smell: natural gas has a distinctive, rotten egg odor.
  • Hissing Noise: if you hear a hissing noise near a gas pipe or a gas appliance.
  • Discolored Plants: if your house plants or vegetation near the gas line are browning or dying.

Windy City Rooter Emergency Process

Whatever your emergency is, be it a plumbing, sewer, or gas line emergency, Windy City Rooter is equipped to solve your emergency.
When you call us for emergency services, our local office staff will dispatch assistance to your location as quickly as possible. Our plumber will assess the situation and provide you with a clear explanation of the problem and the steps we will take to fix it. We always come prepared with the necessary tools and equipment to handle any emergency situation.

Our Emergency Plumber Response Times

We understand that time is of the essence during an emergency. That’s why at Windy City Rooter, we strive to provide the fastest response time possible. Anywhere from Chicago to Milwaukee, we have an emergency Chicago plumber who can typically arrive at your location within 90 minutes of your call.

When You Should Call An Emergency Plumber vs. When You Should Wait

The short answer is you should always call us.
Let our experienced office staff know what is going on and they can advise you whether you have an emergency situation. It is always best to error on the side of too much caution. It’s better to be safer than sorry, and at Windy City Rooter, we always have one of our office staff on duty to speak with you and assess your situation.

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