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Outdoor Plumbing Tips: Maintaining Your Exterior Pipes Like a Pro

Dealing with indoor plumbing issues is stressful enough, but neglecting your outdoor plumbing can lead to even bigger headaches. From leaks to blockages, the exterior pipes of your home require regular attention to prevent costly repairs.
The solution? Caution is better than cure!
In this article, we will help you with some pro plumbing tips to maintain your outdoor plumbing like a pro, keeping it in its best shape and preventing major concerns in the long run.

Clear the Gutters & Downspouts for a smooth water flow.

While you enjoy the gentle rain from the cozy indoors, your gutters work hard outside to drain all the excess water. Regularly clearing leaves, debris, and clogs from gutters and downspouts ensures rainwater is efficiently directed away from your home. It also prevents foundation issues and potential water damage.
This small step can have a massive impact on the health of your gutters, but if you face issues beyond your control, we are just a call away. Dial now for a free plumbing estimate or emergency services 24/7.

Inspect Unwanted Blockages in Your Pipes and Pipeline

Regularly check your plumbing vent pipes for blockages, such as debris or bird nests. Another critical step includes maintaining exterior pipes by regularly inspecting outdoor pipes and replacing any pipe showing corrosion or damage.
You must protect your water meters and sewer lines with proper grading and avoid heavy weights on top of them. And if you face an issue that slips out of your hands, we are just a call away!

Ensure Leak-Free Outdoor Faucets

Inspect all outdoor fixtures and faucets to ensure they function properly and water flows freely. When you address minor outdoor plumbing leaks, you might detect cracked pipes before they become a severe problem. Turn off outdoor spigots and disconnect hoses during winter to prevent freezing and potential pipe bursts.
What do you do if you see a leaky faucet or need winterization? Just call us, and we will make sure all your plumbing issues are resolved!

Regularly Inspect Your Septic Systems

Though out of sight, your septic system needs regular check-ups and pumping every 3-5 years for peak performance. You must also avoid throwing non-biodegradable materials, excessive paper products, or hazardous chemicals into your septic system.
We are just a call away for any additional help with septic systems, plumbing repairs, or free plumbing estimates!
Maintaining exterior pipes and keeping your outdoor plumbing healthy does not require carrying a tool belt or taking excessive measures. Regular checks, quick fixes, and a good deal of awareness can serve the purpose best. And to back you up for plumbing emergencies or complicated repairs – Windy City Rooter is always here to help!

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