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3 Ways A Camera Inspection Can Help You

Issues with sewers and drains can start and exist anywhere within a plumbing system. You can sometimes solve smaller issues yourself, but you would never know if an underlying issue exists further down the line without a camera inspection. A camera inspection can allow your plumbing contractor to figure out plumbing issues in a nondestructive way along with potential solutions that deal with the problem directly.

1. Camera Inspections Help Far More Than Frequent Temporary Solutions

You can snake your drains and probably should keep your drains free of small problems like hair, gunk, and debris located close to the drain’s opening. However, snaking your drain represents a temporary solution. Over time, that hair and debris will build up deeper down the line, and snaking it won’t likely work anymore.
Some other issues, like buildup in the sewer main, can create the reason you need to snake the drain more often. Even having a contractor come through to snake your drain isn’t ideal for the same reasons. The contractor will have no idea what’s happening further down the line.
You can use drain cleaning liquids to remove some buildup, but these liquids don’t always work well and can often leave behind enough gunk that the buildup will just reform sooner than later. Also, many of those liquids are toxic and not good for your sewer system or the environment in general.
These and other temporary solutions can buy you some time, but they’re often stopgap solutions to a larger problem that’s likely still growing. A camera inspection can pinpoint the source of problems in your drains, and maybe more importantly, in your main sewer line.
Knowing exactly what you’re dealing with will save time and hassle. Solutions proposed by the plumbing contractor can come from a full understanding of the issue. That educated solution can eliminate the costs associated with frequent temporary solutions.

2. Camera Inspections Help Eliminate Costly or Damaging Troubleshooting

Finding a drain issue isn’t easy. Sometimes, a contractor will suggest some costly ways to figure out if you have an underlying issue. Pinpointing a clog that can exist literally anywhere can require a lot of time and a lot of testing. Those hours can add quick, and the price of the service will rise along with it.
The contractor will have to go section by section. In some extreme cases, such as if the suspected problem sits in the main sewer line, the contractor may suggest digging up a section of the pipe. Even with all these costly solutions, you have no guarantee the contractor will find the source of your issues or all the potential issues you might have.
A camera inspection can pinpoint issues, which is the most obvious advantage of this method. However, the camera inspection can also find problems that go beyond a blockage. The camera can find damaged, corroding, or broken pipes along with some of the causes for those issues.
To put that in perspective, sewer cleaning can remove a lot of the debris and gunk buildup. But, if you have damaged piping and aren’t aware of it, then you might have an absurdly expensive plumbing disaster on the horizon. Order a camera inspection to help you find all the issues, not just the easy ones. Windy City Rooter will provide a free video inspection with any main sewer cleaning.
Are you planning a plumbing project you will complete yourself? A camera inspection will give you the type of information you need to complete your project without causing any undue damage.

3. Camera Inspections Help Prevent Issues Before They Occur

Sewer and drain camera inspections help prevent problems just as well as they help to find them. You don’t have to wait for issues to develop before ordering a sewer inspection.
Consider inspection as part of your yearly plumbing maintenance routine. A camera inspection can make the process faster while giving you far more insight into the health of your plumbing system.
A visual of your system can show if you have potential issues to look out for or even fully developed problems that have yet to cause an obvious issue. Routinely clean your lines, but don’t assume that cleaning alone solves all issues.
Some plumbing problems are a nuisance. Slow draining, uncomfortable showers, and the occasional smell may annoy you. Nevertheless, plumbing issues can also lead to health hazards, structure damage, and increased utility costs. A camera inspection can help figure out what problems you have now and what problems you might develop in the future if you don’t act.
Camera inspections can help in numerous ways, but you need a camera inspection from an experienced and licensed plumbing contractor. The inspection will pinpoint concerns, but the contractor will also need to know what you can do about those concerns. Otherwise, you may find yourself hiring multiple contractors.

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